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Hey there! I’m Kristen Mothershead – this is unshakable me – mom to two adorable kiddos, wife to the perfect man for me, and the CEO of a global virtual franchise. I’m also a HELLP momma.. which is how I met Leah. ♥ I like to think of myself as someone who is joyfully happy, faith focused and purposefully positive! But before you roll your eyes and I lose you thinking, “ugh, this chick needs to keep it real and simmer with all her happiness, I can’t read this mush”, I’ll have you know that it hasn’t always been this way for me.  In fact, this has only been my true self for the past year or so….


You see, writing this blog post is a woman who struggled with depression in high school and college (and maybe before that, it just went unrecognized).  I’m a woman who has been tested many, many times, mostly with tragic deaths of family and friends, as well as, a handful of crummy life events – including the terrifying post labor HELLP Syndrome experience with the birth of my son. I’m a woman that lost hope, more than once, and attempted to act on it. I’m a woman that once, wanted nothing more to do with this world and luckily, I failed on my attempts. Instead I landed myself a nice stay in a local psych ward, lots of counseling sessions and a few different meds, but that is a story for another day!

Life is tough as it is, not to mention the curveballs God throws at us. Through the years, I found myself not being capable of handling the curveballs in a healthy way and I oftentimes found myself in a hole… a very dark hole. I didn’t know how to get myself out of it. I was sad. Depressed. Lonely. And felt unworthy… unworthy of ANY space on this earth.  

I was sad. Depressed. Lonely. And felt unworthy… unworthy of ANY space on this earth.  

Growing up, there was never any focus on ME as an individual – not in school, not at church, not at home. What makes you happy? What drives you to be YOUR BEST SELF? The focus for all of us was on going to school, graduating, heading off to college and finding a career that would offer a good salary and benefits. No emotions or self-discovery. No conversations focused on values, purpose or passion. Life was just a series of motions and pushing to be “the best”; nothing more.


A few years back, after getting married, finishing my masters degree, and starting my first job as a school counselor, that ALL changed for me.  Still depressed, tired, and busy…. just trying to do the BARE MINIMUM to survive, I started a new business on the side. Why? That’s what sad, lonely, tired people do to bring excitement into their lives through a new change, right?!?! Nope. The real driving force was because we needed the extra money. My husband and I are both educators and we were by no means “bringing in the doe”. We had a 9 month old and an overdrawn bank account every month, this is NOT how we wanted to be living.  


At first, the extra income was exciting and definitely helped the bank account. But, what I quickly realized was that there was another positive impact being made – the emotional GOOD this business was doing for me! I was surrounded with people who lifted me up, made me smile, and pushed me to be BETTER. They made me feel worthy, unstoppable and driven. I quickly noticed how different I was becoming and it made me smile, not just on the outside but also on the inside!! From that moment on, I was focused on not just doing what’s best for my family, but for myself was well. As a mommy and wife, I found myself getting caught up in the daily grind, depressed and with nothing left at the end of my day for my family, just tired and completely drained. When I was able to sit down to pour some love into this “side business”, it was also inadvertently time for ME! This is where it all changed!!

But, what I quickly realized was that there was another positive impact being made – the emotional GOOD this business was doing for me!

I know there are other mommas out there who feel that sometimes they forget who they even are, due to all of the different hats we have to wear. To be honest, part of me had guilt for focusing on MYSELF first for once. I mean for goodness sake, I should be grateful to even be alive, with a healthy family and a roof over our heads.  But I quickly realized putting ME first, made me better for everyone else. Just like the saying, you can’t pour from an empty cup. Once I was able to fill up my own cup, only then could I start to fill up everyone else’s!


you can't pour from an empty cup



My journey to becoming a business owner has been far more of a journey than just that. 

I’ve become THE BEST version of ME by putting personal development at the top of my to do list. I am no longer sad, depressed, or feeling unworthy. I am no longer doing JUST ENOUGH to get by. I’m no longer letting life pass with a series of repetitive daily motions.  I’m LIVING. And living with more purpose and passion than ever before! I like to tell people that I am Unshakeable!! Because of my companies focus on personal development and stepping into greatness, I’ve not only been able to build a very successful business, I’ve been able to find ME again. The ME that has always been there, but is now so ROCK SOLID in my beliefs and desires, that nothing can shake me, hence UNSHAKABLE! The ME that was once 5 years old, dreaming of how grand life would be like one day and all of the things I would accomplish. With no negativity or sadness interfering. Just DREAMING BIG.

I’m LIVING. And living with more purpose and passion than ever before!

The process to kicking depression to the curb and finding TRUE JOY hasn’t been easy. It has been a rough road, but I 100% firmly believe, I have been able to get here because I have had support in finding a passion and purpose for MY life. Does it mean I never face challenges? No. However, I now have the tools and resources to help me overcome them in a positive way.  I know this will not be the same for everyone, however this is what has worked for me!


I have been VERY INTENTIONAL with what my ears hear and what my eyes see.  I don’t allow negativity, drama or anger into my life, because it doesn’t serve me well. I’ve filled my head with podcasts, books, quotes, and training on all kinds of topics that push me to be a BETTER me.  Not to mention, I am ALWAYS listening to my favorite worship songs (currently Elevation Worship and Lauren Daigle!).  I’ve stepped into my faith at a deeper level, leaning on God more than ever before and trusting that he will always provide. And because of all of this, I’m a better mom, wife, daughter, sister, leader, and well you name it – just all around BETTER person in all areas of my life. I focus on doing what aligns with my core values, life wishes and desires.


For all of those who are reading this, firstly, thank you and secondly, my hope for you, especially if you are going through a difficult time, is to do a little self-discovery. Think about how you want people to think of you when they hear your name. Are you doing something daily that lives out your life’s purpose? Are you hanging onto baggage that isn’t serving a purpose? Are you angry, resentful, or negative? We all know that life is too short…some of us far too well. So, why not take these questions into consideration and act on them. Making real, positive changes in your life! We only get one shot… Personal development will not only make you realize what is important in your life, but will lead to a happier, more joyful, positive YOU! ♥

Unshakable Me

Kristen is a wife, mom and CEO of her own global virtual franchise. Besides everyday #momlife, Kristen spends her time supporting others in finding faith, hope and joy in their lives again. She also enjoys travel, shopping and being outdoors! Her passion? Doing her absolute best everyday to make a positive impact on this world…one person at a time.♥

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