Pardon My Positivity

Morning Motivation

We will all have wounds in our lifetime but it’s what we choose to do with those wounds and how we react to the situation that gave us those wounds that is most important to our healing! ✨If we are able to use those wounds or scars as a learning experience and an opportunity for growth, we will surely be able to turn our wounds to wisdom, find power from our pain and find strength from our struggles! ✨ I have had many wounds in my life and each time I come out stronger, wiser and more determined to use all of that experience to better not only my life, but other people’s lives. πŸ’– #morningmotivation #dailyinspiration #wounds #wisdom #Oprah #PardonMyPositivity

Oh RUMI, how I love thee! πŸ’–The bigger the blaze, the brighter the light. πŸ”₯🌟✨If you are currently going through one of the hottest, biggest fires of your life, feeling like you are in the depths of hell itself… hang in there! You will find a way through the fire, maybe someone will bring you water to help put out the flames, no matter how you make it through, you will come out a different person; scared, but filled with light. πŸ’« Remember: we grow through what we go through! Wisdom and strength comes from overcoming things we thought we’d never make it through. Whatever obstacles you are facing right now, you got this! #morningmotivation #bethelight #burn #letitburn #shineyourlight #light #rumi #wisdom #wordsofwisdom #PardonMyPositivity

Donut.. ok?! 🍩😜 HAPPY FRIDAY FRIENDS!! β˜€οΈπŸ™ŒπŸΌ πŸ’–Yesterday, I had a donut for the first time in I can’t remember when.. I never eat donuts. But yesterday I splurged and it was glorious. πŸ˜πŸ˜‹I enjoyed every bit of it. It was a good reminder to enjoy the things you want to do in life, guilt free, because we never know how much time we have on this earth and it’s important to indulge every once in a while! It’s Fri-Yay and the start to the weekend, so go have an indulgence and enjoy it! You deserve it!! Now, don’t go eating an entire box of donuts, just one will do lol everything in moderation, right?! ! 😜🍩#morningmotivation #Friday #friyay #donut #donutkillmyvibe #vibewithme #positivevibetribe #yolo #PardonMyPositivity

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