Pardon My Positivity

Morning Motivation

✨HOPE ANCHORS THE SOUL ✨Hebrews 6:19 ———————————Even the smallest, single thread of hope is a very power thing! It has the ability to keep you grounded and “here”. One thing I know for sure is that when I have felt like I’ve lost all hope throughout my journey, as soon as I am able to find the one single thread of hope, it always pulls me right back, fills me with that little glimmer I needed to anchor my soul back into life. ⚓️ There’s always something to keep you hopeful for better days, sometimes you just need to look a little harder. It can be like looking at the stars and trying to see a constellation when all you can see is darkness and bunches of stars mixed together but once you find it, it’s the most glorious thing you’ve ever seen. ✨💫🌟💖 #MorningMotivation #hope #anchors #soul #stayhopeful #staypositive #PardonMyPositivity

Positivity Pledge ~ this perfectly sums up the process of reaching a place of positivity. It is exactly that – a Process, not a destination that is reached over night but a journey over time. People are quick to judge a person with this type of mindset and think they are being fake or not real, which is the farthest thing from the truth. A positive mindset takes a lot conscious choices: to not let the negative thoughts dwell, to look for the silver lining, find the blessing in disguise and hold on to that one glimmer of hope! ✨It is possible for everyone! You are the curator of your life and you can choose happiness. 🤗Reminds me of another quote: “It’s not happy people that are thankful, it’s THANKFUL people who are HAPPY” 😃Find ways to be thankful or filled with Gratitude and you will surely find a lot more happiness in your life! Take the positivity pledge today!! 😊💝#MorningMotivation #PardonMyPositivity #positivity #positivitypledge #gratitude #happiness #positivethinking #quote #qotd

BE THE LIGHT✨Matthew 5:14 Shine bright and share your light with others! It may be the spark that could bring them out of the darkness to light their path. Just like the flame of a candle, happiness never decreases by being shared! 🌟🤗🎄 #bethelight #shinebrightlikeadiamond #MorningMotivation #PardonMyPositivity

Hello Monday!! Nothing like that FRESH smell of coffee and ambition in the morning, especially on Monday! ☕️☀️ #MorningMotivation #MondayMotivation #RiseandGrind #PardonMyPositivity #newday #newweek #newgoals #letsgetit

Smile at strangers. We’re all in this together. 😊 If you are heading out Christmas shopping, try to remember that everyone is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind and share a smile with all those who’s paths you cross. It may be just thing they needed in that moment, a small bit of compassion and kindness to brighten their spirit! ✨ #smile #bekind #bethelight #bethechange #SundaySmile #PardonMyPositivity

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